About Us

Working4US  provides digital marketing services for Apprenticeships.
A strong employer brand lends an organisation a significant competitive edge in recruiting, retaining and making the most of employees; it is a differentiator...

Our platform helps organisations build a strong brand, by using SEO, Social Media,content marketing and more. These services will form part or all of your digital attraction strategy and fall into five main categories:

  • Engage Candidates
Showcase your brand,why should canidates work for you? Show your companies values, culture, videos and leaders with testomials. At working for us you will have a profile page to add content and share information. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation
We will identify your target audience, their locations, sectors and browsing preferences. We will also discover their primary keyword searches and will run an effective strategy based on improving page rank, content quality and, ultimately, a competitive edge.

  • Content Marketing
Content marketing is a great method for building brand awareness, promoting your business and even building an appealing employer brand that will attract talent to your organisation.

  • Digital Advertising
Digital advertising presents a huge opportunity for employers to improve conversion rates and engage with the passive jobseeker. Working4US digital advertising campaigns employ a bespoke mix of behavioural, contextual, demographic, geographic and keyword targeting, as well as retargeting existing website users to maximise relevant reach.We also deploy Indeed and Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on behalf of our clients to drive traffic and CVs through our careers website.

  • Social Media Marketing
In today’s digitally amplified world of recruitment, you cannot afford to not include SEO and social media strategies in your recruitment marketing activity – it’s too indispensable. Let us help you with your Branding, awareness and traffic (that may lead to conversions) are what you’re aiming for with your social media strategy. With so many different social platforms to choose from don’t fall into the trap of wanting to be everywhere.
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